Update on the issue of Mortgage

I am getting more and more emails, texts and questions face to face where people are interested if there was any update on the issue of mortgage.
I can only confirm that Sheikh Taqi Usmani has received my first letter and the following articles and he is aware of my arguments.
Also, I tried to contact Sheikh Abdullah bin Bayyah (because he is also famous in the field of issuing fatwa for the western world). His stance on the mortgage is well known, as he warns the governments of Muslim countries from allowing it (http://binbayyah.net/english/2012/02/04/islamic-financial-products/). I messaged his son and wanted to get to him, but unfortunately no luck. The most important thing is that he is now aware about what I have presented about mortgage through his son and through his student Sheikh Hamza Yusuf.
There is one more person who is also well known senior scholar, and I will contact him shortly.

On the other hand there was multiple attempts to prove the mortgage to be non-valid, but no any reasonable proof was presented. For me it is good enough proof to say that it is valid.


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  1. Abu Talhah says:

    Hm. You’d think if you were really advocating for the permissibility of ribā, they’d launch every sort of jihād against you they could – post haste!

    But no, there’s not even a peep!
    Have the Brillos and Deos all become sheep?
    Why, Majlisul Juhalā’ have yet to even called you a coprocreep!


    Allāh make it easy for you, Shaykh.


  2. Dawood says:

    The interesting thing is that he was part of the European Council for Fatwa and Research when they endorsed the permissibility (based on darura – as one would expect) of taking a conventional mortgage to purchase a family home if you were a Muslim living in Europe. I guess it fits into the narrative of Muslims in the west being in an exceptional set of circumstances, rather than a continuing norm?


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